Mafia wars mega casino achievement

Mafia wars mega casino achievement how to start a sports gambling website

I don't really understand what they mean in the requirement definition of these three achievement

Warlord 32 Earned on January 7, Earned by obtaining all 32ng tier War rewards. Thanks again MWLL for the post on this. Get to Allied status with the Yakuza Faction in Bangkok. You can't lose NY money if your character is elsewhere. I'm level and play all daily chance! Successfully kill Raven 25 times in the Attack The Assassin boss fight event. Today my boosts are back for boss fights!

(Earned by owning 10 Tommy Guns/ Town Cars/30 Apartment Complexes/selling 50 Mega Casinos/banking 1 million at once/banking 1 billion at once). 10 Las Vegas achievement added on July 21, (1 of them is still coming soon) achievement in just under a year, see this Mafia Wars Loot Lady's blog entry .. Earned by selling 50 Mega Casinos, No longer Available: Sell 50 Mega. The Mafia Wars Wiki Achievements Page provides the bank fee amounts for all money achievements . Wish I had mega casinos! Well.

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